New Launch: Bolt Check Spreadsheet (TheNavalArch)


Based on Eurocode 3, this Excel sheet helps you design/select the bolt size at a joint.

    • A bolted joint comprises incoming member welded to the endplate.
    • The endplate has bolt holes for connection to other members.
    • The spreadsheet rigorously calculates all the stresses coming onto the bolt – shear, bending, tensile and bearing
    • Also checks the spacing, end and edge distances for bolts against those required by Eurocode 3

Based on Eurocode 3: Design of steel structure; Part 1-8: Design of joints

For more information, please visit:
Bolt Check Spreadsheet (based on Eurocode 3) - TheNavalArch

I like this! I’m sure it was designed by some formerly ‘independent’ country now swallowed by the EU though … hence the title: “Eurocode”.