New energy storage system

A new solution for storage of energy MAY revolutionize the Offshore Wind industry:

Reviving this thread:

What happened to the original HPES concept/installation ?

Didn’t it store ?

Good question.
FLASC still exist AFAIK:
The principe looks simple:
FLASC HPES converts electricity into hydraulic power during charging and back to electricity during discharging.
“FLASC’s solution is an innovative technology with significant potential, offering a competitive and more sustainable alternative to Li-ion battery farms.”

For Offshore Hydrogen production:
Apparently receiving prices,:

Lots of projects:
But not contracts (so far)

Wasn’t this energy storage technique used in Victorian times and they were called hydraulic or pneumatic accumulators ? Sometimes steam accumulators.

Maybe it is the use of accumulators to store electricity that is new? (Or have you seen that function before?)

PS> Anybody familiar with BOP stacks on floaters know about accumulators used to store hydralic pressure on the seabed. (down to 3000+ m. BSL)

Are they storing electricity, or storing pressure to generate electricity later ?

They are using surplus electricity to create pressure, store it and generate electricity when the supply is low.
The technology and individual processes are old and well know, it is the way it is used that is new.

PS> Pumping water back to the reservoire is basically the same. (At Hydro-electric plants)

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