Navy Top Gun SWO’s are all Mavericks In Adm. Brown’s Book

The Navy is starting a new Top Gun school for ship drivers in San Diego.

“We’re taking the very best from our community,” said Vice Adm. Richard A. Brown. “All these folks are Mavericks,” he said.:roll_eyes:

Oh I have SOO much to say about this I just don’t know where to start…

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I can’t wait.

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Jesus tapdancing Christ… how embarrassing.


I wish that were true. I wish we had more Mavericks and fewer yes men… but true Mavericks only get promoted and sent to “elite” schools in the movies.


John, you’re about 5 years behind the headline :slight_smile:

And I’m pretty sure every Navy vessel operating immediately off of San Diego has Maverick on the bridge.

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It’s already been done:

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Mr. Newport - which one is you? Give us the time tag.

IMHO this will make things worse. These guys will be let loose thinking they know when in fact they know nothing.

What they need is to stand wathces for a few years.