MV A Whale, the oil skimming super tanker in LA

I am on the hook down stream from it. Also had a large Derrick Barge that looks like a floating motel anchor behind us tonight.

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NEW ORLEANS — A converted tanker billed as the world’s largest oil skimmer is being tested in the Gulf of Mexico, where officials hope it will scrub millions of gallons of oil-tainted seawater. Frank Maisano, spokesman for the Taiwanese shipping firm that owns the vessel, dubbed “A Whale,” confirmed Saturday that tests have begun. More literate article
NPR described the action in 4th grade terms: "The ship is just a giant, floating decanter. The captain will wiggle the ship’s nose very slowly and water will rush through the slats into a series of tanks. As the oil rises to the top, it’ll be siphoned off and the water goes back into the Gulf — still oily, but less so. "

Hope it actually works, but it won’t be “perfect” so EPA is still concerned. I figure anything is worth trying.