Murphy Books for sale: Deck Officer Study Guide

I am selling my set of Murphy books. This is a set of six books edited by Captain Joseph S. Murphy comprising the Deck Officer Study Guide. They are described as “US Coast Guard License Examination Preparation for the Professional Mariner”.

License Examinations:
Master: Oceans - Near Coastal - Inland - Great Lakes, Any Gross Tons
Chief Mate: Oceans - Near Coastal - Inland - Great Lakes, Any Gross Tons
Second Mate: Oceans - Near Coastal - Inland - Great Lakes, Any Gross Tons
Third Mate / OICNW: Oceans - Near Coastal - Inland - Great Lakes, Any Gross Tons
Master & Mate: Limited License, All Routes, All Tonnage Groups

Review & Renewal Exercises:
Comprehensive Renewal Exercise, All Grades of License
Rules of the Road Exercise, All Grades of License

Certification Examinations:
Able Seaman / Lifeboatman, All Grades of Certification

Each book covers an in-depth study of various key subjects, with complete USCG exam questions and answers provided:

Book 1: Deck General
Book 2: Navigation General
Book 3: Deck Safety
Book 4: Rules of the Road
Book 5: Navigation Problems
Book 6: Deck Examination Illustration Book

This is the latest edition and the best resource for passing your Coast Guard exams.

A new set of these costs $315. My set is in excellent condition, obviously used but no rips or tears, no markings in the books apart from my initials inside the front page.

The price is $175 (plus shipping $25 - Total weight is 9.5 lbs.).

Is it pre or post 2014 rule change?

To the best of my knowledge these are the most recent editions of the Murphy books you may purchase. These books have different copyright dates. The relevant ISBN’s and dates are as follows:
Book 1: Copyright 2009, ISBN 1881349071
Book 2: Copyright 2012, ISBN 1881349012
Book 3: Copyright 2012, ISBN 1881349063
Book 4: Copyright 2015, ISBN 1881349004
Book 5: Copyright 2012, ISBN 0881349055
Book 6: Copyright 2015, ISBN 1881349079
ISBN of the 6 Volume Set: 1881349020

I need the full set hard copy. Still available?

JWash, I still have the full set available.

Are these still available? (I know I’m way late to the party)

Hey, Aiden just reaching out man to see if you still have those Murphy Books? If so I would like to purchase them. I really need them I’m at school and definitely need to get the set.

Just in case anyone else is interested, I have my older set, 3rd editions. Great shape, just my name in some of them. Since I’ve retired, they are just collecting dust now. The questions still prep you for the research and solving for answers in the exam room. Of course, you’ll have to know the rules [since the changes in 2014]. Asking $100.00 for all, + $25.00 shipping [obo]

I also have many of the Cornell Press maritime books. All are in EXCELLENT shape. Ask for what titles I have [ ship handling/rules/tugs, etc]. I’m gonna keep my MSM and Officer’s Handbook for posterity though.

@seasmaster Is this set available?

Good morning. Yes they are.

Seasmaster’s Murphy books have been sold.

I still have a plethora of Cornell Maritime Press books:
Marine insurance and general average in the United States, third edition
Survival guide for the mariner
The business of shipping
Modern towing
Ship handling for the mariner
Shipmasters handbook on ships business
Marine salvage operations
Watch standing guide for the merchant officer
Tugs, tow boats and towing
Nautical rules of the road, by Farnsworth,
Primer of towing

All books are in Excellent [almost new] condition. They have not been abused.

That one is apparently selling for quite a bit