MSC Pools During COVID Crisis

Having seen the “Command Response Plan and Medical Guidance” I note there is no mention of how business in the East/West coast pools will be conducted with the Coronavirus. Does anyone know if it is business as usual?

By that I mean 200+ CIVMARs crowded together and required to remain so, on premises throughout the day, under threat of disciplinary action for venturing beyond the parking lot.

I suspect there will not be any visits from the admiral to inspire the worthy CIVMARs.

Both East and West CSU you still go to the pool for check in and medical. Once that’s complete you do not go to the pool but phone in every day.

It’s a bit confusing right now but instructions seem to limit leave from duty station (CSU East / West) if travel outside local is required. At the same time an argument could be made that having everyone in the hotels can also be risky.


  1. Leave. Opportunities for leave shall continue to be afforded for all personnel, to the extent practical to assure the safety and health of the workforce balanced against mission requirements.
    a. To prevent risk of COVID-19 infection and transmission and in accordance with references © and (e), effective immediately military personnel granted leave are restricted to the local area in vicinity of assigned duty location, as determined by the local commander. Civilian personnel granted leave, while not restricted to the local area, are highly discouraged from travel outside of the local area.
    b. All personnel requesting leave shall notify their supervisor of planned destination and while on leave shall abide social distance advisories, avoid large gatherings and stay away from known or publicized COVID-19 clusters within their local area. Authority to grant leave outside of local area for all DoD personnel, military and civilian, is retained by the first Flag/SES in an individual’s chain of command.

Travel from CSU is restricted to local assignments only. Any travel beyond that must be approved by COMSC. I’m sure it will be frequently approved as mission essential.


  1. Movement of Personnel/Travel. A “stop movement” order has been issued for all DoD military and civilian personnel. Effective immediately and until further notice, all Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside of the Continental United States (OCONUS) governmentfunded travel by MSC personnel, including TAD, TDY and PCS assignments, is canceled. Exceptions to the stop movement order may be granted by COMSC only, for travel that is: (1) determined to be mission essential; (2) necessary for humanitarian reasons; or (3) warranted due to extreme hardship.
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