MSC or Washington State Ferries


How are both organizations compared to the other?

I was offered a job with WSF and I accepted, but they don’t want me to start until July and they want to start me on-call. I take my physical on Thursday and I am very much looking forward to the opportunity but I applied with them when I was unemployed and I also applied with MSC when I also was unemployed.

I am just a deckhand (AB-Special and just submitted for AB-Limited), both seem like good organizations and similar pay. I am trying to hawsepipe my way into the wheelhouse. I have been very proactive in getting my STCW certs and such I wouldn’t let an opportunity to advance my career pass me by.

I can see the pros and cons to both, but I am still leaning towards WSF to get my pilotage, which they said I could do with them and encouraged as much. Regardless, I am looking for long term career advancement and licence acquisition.

Just getting the feel for both from the good members of this board.

Thanks for reading and replying!


You’ll never visit Thailand on a WSF, but you may find you way into the wheelhouse quicker there.


Well, the ferries called me for training and work first.

Thanks for the insight though!