Most Outrageous Ship Photos

Somehow I’m sure this vessel isn’t [B]suppose to be[/B] a ship.

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From the amazing collection here:

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*From Sea-Fever Blog.

Some Photos of Heavy Weather from Dark Roasted Blend… Part 1* &* Part 2

Shipping Green Water:

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[Full Resolution Version](" title="Car Carrier Sinking - rescue at sea)


When rigs attack…June 2004 Pascagoula River, MS
One dark and stormy morning, the mate came running, “Is that rig underway!”

Magdeburg Water Bridge: One of the most distinctively designed bridge on the list, the Magdeburg Water Bridge is exactly what its name suggests; a bridge made over water. (source: Frickoo)


One of my friends showed me this video.* It’s pretty much one of the funniest videos I’ve seen.* My teacher told me the name of the ship but I can’t remember what it is (yeah I know, I pay a lot of attention in class).* Anyways here’s the link.* If anyone can figure out what the name of the ship is I know I found some video of the actual ship.




The bow fell off the “Kirki” on 21 July 1991

Ship passing through a Tunnel

More detail on the blog post: Ship Tunnels

Vicky, ‘Missed the Boat’ 2005 Michelle Athert

Cmjeff, that second photo you have is not a tanker , it’s the James R. Barker, a Great Lakes thousand footer passing under the Mackinaw Bridge.

cmjeff, That’s not the same ship. That is the James R. Barker, a Great Lakes thousand foot self-unloader passing under the Mackinaw Bridge.

Here are two more views of it up close…taken from my vessel at the Sault Ste. Marie Locks on the St. Mary’s River.