More Accurate Than GPS: New Navigation System With 10 Centimeter Accuracy

System uses mobile networks to avoid multi-path errors with GPS. Wonder if it would be useful within range coast-wise.

The system connects the mobile system to an atomic clock.

Fairly useless as it’s pretty vulnerable to power grid disruptions but you can do a similar thing with the Starlink constellation.

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How could the convoluted path from a cell tower to you on the ground through and around buildings not have multipath issues?

IDK for sure but it might be related to the reason dual-frequency GNSS is more accurate in places with multipath issues.


From the article in the OP

Furthermore, the system employs radio signals with a bandwidth much larger than commonly used. “Buildings reflect radio signals, which can confuse navigation devices. The large bandwidth of our system helps sort out these confusing signal reflections, and enables higher positioning accuracy,”


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In the main duel frequency is used to correct the ionisphere and troposphere bending of the signals.
99% of ofshore vessels use this, although its using a signal not originally intended for civilian use but decoding it it simple.
Saying that it should also help with multipath reflections from buildings but you really need a second receiver to have a different triangulation setup to identify that that.( maybe 2 more)
Triangulation is how the cell works out where your phone is by I dont know how accurate that is?

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I just know what I’ve read here and there. I did get a GPS receiver for a project for about $12

As soon as the USA has all satellites converted to L5 the 2 frequencies with be civilian avaliable so for sure all small chips will receive both for much better average location than we have now.