Mobile phone coverage in GoM

I’m heading out for my first gig in the next few days and the ex/kids want to know about comms. I have At&t and understand they link into the Petrocomm towers, correct? Will I be paying roaming charges for any call?

It will work but I don’t know much calls are but from my understanding is texts are 50 cents

Check with AT&T they have a special Gulf of Mexico Roaming package for voice and texts. If you don’t an decide to use it expect to get hit with like 75¢ a text and $1.50+ a minute for voice. Depending on who you work for there is a chance at wifi so you can do email, texting and FaceTime on apple devices. Non apple video chat for android phones I believe is called Vibr or something like that and of course Skype.

Do most Hornbeck boats have internet offshore?

Yes most of the OSV fleet has wifi not sure about the tug fleet.

No the hornbeck tugs do not have wifi

If you feel the need to have daily contact with the folks back home, perhaps this business isn’t for you. . .

.79/min voice and .50/txt on AT&T via Petrocom towers. Okay for emergencies, but it does add up if you’re chatting. Texts with pics or multiple addressees (to or from) just disappear into the ether in my experience. The only package I’ve found that is worthwhile is international texts - 50 for 5 or 10 bucks I think.