MillionGallon® Marine Cylinder Lubricants

MillionGallon supply marine cylinder lubricants matched to your vessels’ predominant operating conditions. For every vessel, there is the right MillionGallon® marine cylinder lubrication solution.

In today’s complex marine world, only MillionGallon offers a wide range of marine cylinder lubricants that can give every customer the opportunity to choose the marine cylinder oil that provides optimum protection for each vessel in the fleet, dependent on each vessel’s predominant operating condition.

Wherever you operate, there is a single grade in the MillionGallon® Marine Cylinder Oil Range able to deliver the optimum protection your vessel depends on.

MillionGallon Cyluboil® L80 (80 BN) marine cylinder lubricant has a high enough BN to protect your marine engine. Cyluboil® L80 is MillionGallon’s advanced high Base Number (BN) marine cylinder oil providing excellent corrosion protection when slow steaming, without the need to increase lubricant feed rates. With MillionGallon Cyluboil® L80, you can optimize your slow steaming cost savings and operational reliability without compromising marine engine protection. MillionGallon Cyluboil® L80 is the marine cylinder lubricant approved by OEMs for slow steaming operations up to 3.5% sulfur fuels at minimum feed rates.

MillionGallon Cyluboil® L70 (70 BN) can maintain your vessel’s efficiency when on a variable marine fuels regime, whilst on international trade which includes frequent ECA transits. MillionGallon Cyluboil® L70 is ideal for international trade vessels operating predominantly on high sulfur marine fuels but also operating on low sulfur marine fuels in ECAs for 10 to 14 days. MillionGallon Cyluboil® L70 is designed to outperform ‘standard’ 70 BN marine cylinder lubricants available today, using proven technology and class-leading wear protection for vessels that operate on marine fuels with a sulfur content of 1.0% to 3.5%. The technology offers resistance to lubricant film breakdown at elevated temperatures and is formulated to provide high levels of wear protection.

MillionGallon Cyluboil® L50 (50 BN) is a mid range BN marine cylinder lubricant. At MillionGallon Marine, we would only recommend using a mid range BN cylinder lubricant when not slow steaming under marine fuel sulfur levels less than 2.5%.

MillionGallon Cyluboil® L40 (40 BN) is a high detergent premium marine cylinder lubricant which has been formulated to meet the requirements of marine engine builders for prolonged burning 1.0% low sulfur ECA fuels. Your marine engines are well protected against ash build-up when operating permanently in ECAs. MillionGallon Cyluboil® L40 is formulated with a combination of low ash and excellent detergency technology to prevent formation of piston crown deposits. MillionGallon Cyluboil® L40 reduces the risk of damage to cylinder liners, bore polishing and scuffing, and offers excellent marine engine cleanliness, wear control and maximizes marine engine component life.

Depending on the condition in which your vessel predominantly operates, MillionGallon® Marine can supply the widest range of marine cylinder lubricants covering 10 to 100 BN.

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