Migrant boat sinks off Creece

This happened last week. Abt. 700-750 migrants are believed to have been on board,
At least 300 of the migrants were Pakistanis, the rest from Syria and Egypt.

So far 82 have been found dead, 104 have been rescued and over 500 are missing, feared dead. At least 100 child were reported to be onboard, none are among the rescued.

Greek authorities are reported to have been more occupied with ensuring the boat did not end up in Greece than in the conditions of the boat and migrants on board:

This tragedy has been overshadowed by the Submiss off Canada lately.
There 5 people are missing, 2 of them Pakistanis. (abt. same %)

PS> The total tickets take for both vessels would probably be equal as well (US$1 Mill.)

A very detailed study of this tragic incident in WaPo today (behind paywall):

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