Metric vs Imperial systems

US air conditioning is measured in tons, where one ton is equivalent to a ton of ice melted/frozen in 24 hours.


The fundamental problem in asia is there are no tradesmen and no compulsory technical training.
You can do various courses but in the main 99% dont.

“Illiterate in English” doesn’t mean that they are not able to read and write in another of the 4 official languages in Singapore, with Bahasa Malayu being the “national language”.
I’m sure you have seen these?:

For tourist:
A warning sign in the four official languages of Singapore that is found in all Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations

Yes sure there are language signs in public but rare in the workplace.

Thats were you find out when you question a supervisor about someone and he says sorry that guys illiterate, then you say hang on he is driving the truck, yes, verbal license test…
One of the MPA instructors can speak Urdu, so when an employer has a group they run urdu training and exams for port boat driving licenses. ( Thats a foreign worker issue)
Singapore allowed eldest son to leave school early to support the family, it has really hurt those that did.

Now try to explain metric and imperial, they cant even read a tape measure.
Singapore all about cheap labour

Some USA states. used to have trade schools but not much funding support for them for many years now.

The good ones are still around (at least here). The for-profit scam schools are thankfully going by the wayside.

You must live in a different Singapore from the one I spent most of my life living in.
Sure, in the 1960s and 70s things were different than today, with people of different ethic background, or even from different Chinese dialect groups, being unable to communicate with each other. They were living in separate kampongs and the kids went to schools using different language of learning.

In todays Singapore all people under 50 know at least 2 languages, English and their “mother tongue” (i.e. Mandarin, Malay or Tamil) and in many case at least one or more Chinese dialects.

It is true that foreign workers gets safety training in their native language before they are allowed to start working in Singapore, but why in Urdu??
Urdu is mainly spoken in Pakistan and parts of North India, Very few foreign workers in Singapore come from there. (Bengali is a more relevant language)

In Singapore there are Polytechnic Schools that teach various skills and trades to local and overseas students.

For foreign workers it is possible to attend training courses to upgrade their skills and marketability. Many leave Singapore with skills to start their own business in their home countries, or to become PR in S’pore.:

One private company offering such training is this one:

Certainly, living and working in Singapore, you have to know this?? (If you want to, that is)

I think you lost a decade or two…

no, people over 50 are most likely to speak multiple languages and dialects
If I just look at my brothers and sisters in laws ( all over 50) all speak 3-4 languages and several dialects, their kids, very few can even speak mother tongue, some very poor at mandarin. Its all English.
The speak mandarin campaign trashed mother tongue so the kids lost that and with perhaps no mandarin speakers at home never mastered that.

They do know the metric system and clueless about imperial.

so what part of that comment cant you read?
You reply post made what point?

You need both systems.
Many parts of the imperial system were invented to suit engineering. ( nuts bolts and threads etc)
Many parts of metric are just fudged inventions to suit the change. ( nuts bolts and threads etc)

Pressure, the metric system cant decide what to use
Force they cant decide what to use as its mass based.

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Are you sure that nut, bolts and their threads aren’t made to suite the system of measurement, not the other way around?

Source: What is the SI unit of force? - NPL

Pascal is a very small pressure unit and is often used with different prefixes.
Common multiples include:
hectopascal (1 hPa = 100 Pa),
kilopascal (1 kPa = 1 000 Pa)
megapascal (1 MPa = 1 000 000 Pa).

metric threads are a fudge to suit the measurement system, not engineering based at all hence 3 thread types to cover imperials 2
Whats metrics answer to NPT?

How about tapered threads, then buy something from china with a tapered thread, they have no clue.
Talking to a ship supplier the other day who did a huge order of camlock fittings for a project, had to scrap the lot as the threads were invented.

I know a Dutch boat builder that will only use UNC threads as they beat anything metric for the job when in composites

Sear Feet, used offshore in SE asia

The US system resembles Imperial, but has different values for volume. Search on “difference between US and Imperial measurement”

sure, when I grew up in a British colony we used all the systems…

What is this fellow’s feet doing anywhere in S.E.Asia??

Oh you ment Foot (Sear’s)?

Source: foot (International)-foot (Sear's) conversion

No wonder you are confused!!!

our measurement system (metric/imperial) was to be based on this planets polar diameter.
this goes back to cubits, the great pyramid and such.
France, wanting a 10 based system instead of the imperial 5 tried to measure a quadrant of earth to establish the polar diameter. The project consumed i think 3 years and despite the diligent efforts of the surveyors was eventually found to be off so far as to be not representative of anything but the Meter was pushed through despite the error.
Furthermore, the standards for the meter were kept at -80F i believe, making utilizing the standards a farce for the most part.
The argument a 5 based system is superior persists, and of course becomes religious in nature.
incidentally, The measurements derived from the great pyramid of cheops are so close to modern measurement from space that no difference can be assertained!

More esoteric info re the meter courtesy of Wikipedia:

The current definition was adopted in 1983 and modified slightly in 2002 to clarify that the metre is a measure of proper length. From 1983 until 2019, the metre was formally defined as the length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum in 1 /299792458 of a second. After the 2019 redefinition of the SI base units, this definition was rephrased to include the definition of a second in terms of the caesium frequency ΔνCs.

Metre - Wikipedia.

yea, it kinda fits and sort of has a ‘natural’ base to it but i do not think it fits as well as the turning of the planets orbit or measurement of a planet. The same numbers that quantify the polar diameter coincidentally measure this planets diameter at the equator!
There are similar exacting measurements to be derived as well like earths wobble, pi, …
the lists are extensive to a degree it increasingly becomes difficult to attribute to ‘coincidence’.

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