Maritime Leadership Survey

Kind Leadership survey. What makes for an effective maritime leader?
Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

What do you believe are the qualities demonstrated by effective leaders in the maritime industry? And what are your views on the concept of ‘kind leadership’, a people-focused approach to managing direct reports?
The Nautical Institute has joined with the Maritime Professional Council to ask for your views on this important subject, with the goal of shaping the future direction of maritime leadership training. We’d really appreciate your feedback; it should take no more than five minutes to complete the survey and all responses are kept anonymous, confidential and secure. Thank you in advance for your valuable insights.

Take part in this joint NI/MPC survey today: MPC Kind Leadership survey

The US deep sea fleet doesn’t subscribe to this but the Cruise Industry has had success with doing away with top down leadership and the “captain is always right” mentality, instead following an approach similar to “kind leadership”

What about the office is always right?

Edit: Thank you for posting this white paper, I have not seen it before, and I bet many here have not seen it as well. Notice the reference to airline cockpits??? I will link this in another thread about BRM discussion. You just proved that pulling concepts from airlines is not “apples to oranges”, and hopefully the low info folks can learn from this.