Maritime Drone Delivery in Galveston

I feel like a while back I read about a startup that tested maritime drone delivery in Galveston… not sure if it was here on gCaptain or in broader tech community blogs. I know the MPA is active in Singapore and Maersk has done their pilots as well… but I can’t seem to find any sources on this in the US.

If anyone recalls this from approximately two years ago - please let me know!


Wilhemsen Ships Service and Airbus have paired up to offer drone delivery to ships at anchor, or passing through Singapore Strait without stopping or slowing:

With the support and funding from MPA Singapore:

Can I ask you @_sea? Why are you even interested in this subject?

First commercial delivery from shore to a ship at the anchorage in Singapore has been successfully completed by WWS and Airbus:

The big test will be drone delivery to a vessel under way in Singapore Strait, yet to be conduced.