Maritime chart publisher

<P>Dear all,</P>
<P>I’m quite new to the maritime world, migrating from the aviation industry.</P>
<P>I’m looking for a source (publisher) of maritime charts.</P>
<P>In aviation we have Jeppesen. They publish charts of airports all over the world, in a format that is the same for any airport. This allows you to find the information you need for any airport in minimal time. Along with airport charts they also publish “enroute” charts.</P>
<P>I’m looking for a same solution for maritime charts. I need charts that are global (i.e. not published for one country only, but a publisher publishing charts for ports, seas, waterways all over the world). Furthermore I would also like that one specific format is used which is (nearly) the same for all charts. Of course, the information displayed on the charts should be thrustworthy and unambigous. </P>
<P>Any recommendations? Which is the most popular maritime chart publisher?</P>

Capt_Lee is pretty thrustworthy.

Lynn,<br><br>You can download United States charts for free from <a target="_blank" href=“]NOAA, and the <a target=”_blank" href=“]British Admiralty publishes charts for the whole world. They aren’t very thrustworthy but you can use them for navigation. Charts only become ambiguous when they’re not corrected on a regular basis.<br><br>You can also obtain <a target=”_blank" href="]Print-On-Demand (POD) charts online or from local vendors that are corrected to the latest Notice to Mariners.<br><br>One nice thing about marine charts vs. aviation sectionals is your don’t have to correct for pressure altitude when you’re at sea.<br><br>Arrrr…