MARAD / USMAA "Town Hall"

So, on Friday, November 5th, when many hundreds of women mariners were attending the Women Offshore Conference (which is incredibly well known, advertised and most assuredly NOT a secret), DOT/MARAD decided to hold a Town Hall regarding, wait for it… SASH against women mariners, specifically Midshipman X.
I kid you not.
Could they have waited a few days to actually allow, oh, I don’t know, the largest contingent of active women mariners to participate? So, who lives in this supposed “Town”?
Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on this timing.


I caught most of the round table. I thought the State Maritime Academy rep from Maine didn’t add any value or perspective. Some of the more practical input was from the unions. I thought it was interesting to listen to some of the Midshipmen. In particular I thought the female mids brought insight. Even Navy Ltjg was interesting. The kid who was regimental sash coordinator ( maybe I got that title wrong) seemed to have the most raw and perhaps relevant input. But she was on a train ( not sure why on a Nov morning during school year) and I couldn’t catch a lot of what she had to say. I hope they got all of her input. Seems she may have a good feel for what’s not working and why.

I hadn’t thought about the conference conflict. Certainly hard to get some of the most relevant feedback when it’s not well,publicizied and so many of the female mariners were discussing the maritime challenges at a industry premier event. The more I think about it the more odd it seems….