Maersk Supply Service Announces Layoffs

Maersk Supply Service today announced staff reductions in their headquarters in Denmark by approximately 30 onshore positions. About 20 are expected to be actual terminations while approximately 10 are vacant positions that will not be filled.

“We are facing challenging market conditions in the coming years. Oil prices have dropped dramatically and exceedingly fast in recent months and our customers, suppliers and competitors are all being forced to adjust to a new reality,” says Carsten Plougmann Andersen, CEO in Maersk Supply Service and continues:

“To safeguard Maersk Supply Service’s future profitability and ability to compete in a challenged market, we have launched an end-to-end review of all earning potentials and cost drivers in Maersk Supply Service, including optimizing organizational effectiveness which regrettably has necessitated these staff reductions,” says Carsten Plougmann Andersen, CEO in Maersk Supply Service.