Lots of newbuilt drillships available

It looks like there may be some good opportunities for this with money in the bank to pick up top modern drillships at a discount:
Don’t know about this though, “Transocean, a Swiss shipping company”. (??)

They have a very small office in Switzerland, much like many U.S. firms do, where they claim to be their headquarters for dubious tax reasons. Carnival does the same.

Yes I was aware of their presents in Zug and the reason behind: This happened when I was still doing rig moves and was in regular contact with Transoceans S.E.Asia operation staff.
I was more curious about the reactions to that fact by those in the business on the forum.

PS> There were some talk of them moving their HQ to London a couple of years ago, but I think the Brexit mess made them rethink.

Transocean was subject to an investigation years ago by the US news program “60 Minutes”. The program was highlighting US corporations maintaining a paper headwaters in other countries to avoid taxes and at the time RIG was making lots of money. The program was embarrassing to RIG but didn’t change much. With Apple, Alphabet and other US corporations maintaining paper headquarters in tax havens now RIG looks like a bit player and no worse than any others. None of the officers of any company have to live at the tax headquarters. If you are a corporation you can do anything. As one of the founding fathers said of corporations parenthetically ,“Who are these things called corporations that exist on paper only but demand the rights of a citizen while accepting none of the responsibility?They should not be allowed. I cannot hang a piece of paper by the neck but I can a man”

The big question is, who is this Ocean League.

Plot thickens.

Oh yes, who indeed. I cannot find any such Greek company.
The two drillships in question were originally ordered in 2013 & 2014 by Ocean Rig ASA, which was started by a Norwegian, Bjarne Skeie, but sold to a Greek tycoon, George Economou, who sold it on to Transocean in 2018, incl. the two contracts with Samsung HI: