Looking for career advice

I’m crossing my fingers but I’m starting to look at other options which is why I made this post. I basically got rid of everything including my job once they told me I was all set to go to NEO. Now here I am sleeping on my brothers couch and I’m starting to lose patience.

Nothing with Covid is predictable, except it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

I have no idea what MSC might do.

It’s quite possible that half of the triple vaccinated people and virtually all of the antivaxxers will get Omicron.

As we have already seen with the airlines, a lot of companies are running out of staff because so many people are out with COVID.

This going to get MUCH MUCH WORSE before it gets better.

There are lots of jobs available for triple vaccinated people who want to work.

With all do respect I was not asking a for a doomsday opinion on how Covid will impact us. Covid sucks, we all know it. I was looking for advice or info about other companies in this field that I can look into as an entry level employee. Such as NOAA, which is the only other company I am aware of, but I am sure there are others and that’s why I asked for help or recommendations.

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NOAA is not a company. It’s a government agency funded by our tax dollars. Like any government agency it is super concerned about Covid.

There is nothing that NOAA does that is essential in the short term. It’s mostly just research. Nothing that cannot be deferred for a few months. My guess is that Covid has probably slowed the hiring process at NOAA to a snail’s pace, if it hasn’t suspended it entirely until further notice.

MSC is also a government agency that is very concerned about Covid. Some of what MSC does is actually necessary to supply the military.

My bet is that you probably will have an opportunity to get on the payroll at MSC several months ahead of any opportunity at NOAA.

On the other hand, you might find a tugboat or OSV job reasonably soon. Look for ads. Walk the docks. Knock on doors.

Thanks, Appreciate it. I live on the Great Lakes and I believe there are some job there as well. I’m looking to work a lot the next few years that why I wanted MSc because of the fact you work so much. I know long term that can wear on you but I’ll gladly deal with in for a few years.

Any ratings?
Are you looking for deck or engine?
Where are you?
Can you travel?

According to his initial post he has a passport,Twic and MMC. So my guess would be that he just has entry level ratings and no seatime. That’s ok. Why don’t you give him a job?

Yes correct, I do not have seatime and all my ratings are entry level. I know that puts me at a disadvantage but I have to start somewhere. I’m in Cleveland Ohio, yes I can travel without restraint. When MSc notified me that I was set for NEO and everything looked good. I gave up my place, put everything in storage and sold my car. So I’m beyond ready to go. The fact that the reason My NEO date was delayed almost 2 months was because the drug testing company was behind because of staffing, at least that’s what they told me. And now I’m 2 weeks from heading to NEO again and my test still hasn’t been sent back I’m loosing faith. Like honestly, how hard is it to get a drug test processed, it’s been 2 months. I offered to take another one but they said that wouldn’t help.

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Welcome to the life of a Mariner…the bureaucracy only gets more mind numbing the further you go…


Not long ago, Dann Ocean Towing in Tampa was advertising for crew “all positions.” There have been similar ads.

Go buy a very cheap car or anything that has wheels and get another job then have your brother sell it when you really do go to msc

Try Crowley
Go on their website, they manage a wide variety of vessels
Edison Chouest in the Gulf big supply boats

Are you set to leave for Sunday!?

Nope, as of 4pm eastern time on the 6th I don’t know if I’m leaving for NEO on the 9th. I’m told they will inform me by 2pm tomorrow the 7th whether I’m going. So basically a 48 hour notice if I need to get ready to leave for a minimum of 6 months or figure out how to put food on the table next week. I’m a patient man but this isn’t right.


Mannnnnn, I’m in the same boat… I was hoping to start this year good but I doubt I will get a good response tommorrow…

It hasn’t even got bad yet man. If you feel like this now don’t even go at all. Gets worse and worse every day/month/year.

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Idk who’s slower but I applied at msc a good week and half before NOAA and both moved me forward the same day and NOAA already has a tentative offer which I accepted and already faxed back the paperwork. Idk how long it takes after that so I emailed the HR lady And asked about time frames.

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Just wanted to say good luck in whichever direction you go and hello from Akron Ohio !

Thanks and good luck to you as well. We are neighbors, I live in Cleveland.

Yes I saw that cool!