Logistics of Working for a Union

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I’m considering going into one of the unions (MM&P or AMO) as a mate. My experience thus far is all in the offshore industry with boat companies, and I don’t really have any experience as far as dealing with union halls, so I figured I would drop a line and see if anyone could fill me in on some details.

Couple specific questions: How long does it take for a new union applicant to pick up their first job? Can I sail with non-union ships while applying to a union? Am I contractually obligated to continue sailing with the union if there aren’t any jobs available for too long of a period and I need to seek other work? And is that kind of thing ever a problem?


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You might find some good info at this link mate.


Sailing Aboard Non-MM&P-Contracted VesselsApplicants are not restricted from working on board non-MM&P contracted vessels, but by doing so they may incur penalties. These penalties may include, but are not limited to: loss of health benefits, adjustment of shipping card date and/or loss of eligibility to attend MITAGS/PMI. Please read the International Constitution Article 3 regarding members sailing aboard non-MM&P contracted vessels. Also, please read the note below from the health and benefit rules and regulations.
Article 111, Eligibility of MM&P Health and Benefit Rules and Regulations

  1. The date he accepts employment with an employer operating vessels who is not a party to this Health & Benefit Plan or to any affiliated plans, except upon the approval of the trustees after application has been submitted through the organization, or such employment has been obtained through the offices of the organization and benefit plan contributions attributable to such employment are received by the plan either directly from the employer or passed through to the plan by virtue of an agreement acceptable to the organization.

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[B][U][COLOR="#0000FF"]I would also read and learn about the AMO union national constitution, found at the below link.[/COLOR][/U][/B]