Light Well Intervention Vessels in GOM

Does anyone know of any Light Well Intervention vessels, like Statoil uses in Norway, working in the US - GOM? Any coming.

Helix is the sole player in that field in the GoM to the best of my knowledge.

Captrob can answer more questions about them than I

Depends what your definition of Light Well Intervention vessel is? I know companies that claim to have Light Well Intervention vessels, but really, they are construction vessels with ROV’s, and maybe a tower. But if you are referring to the one (s) that Statoil has (a monohull with a derrick), ECO has one, maybe two coming to the Gulf this year. Summer time I believe.

Helix has the Q4000, and the recent arrival of the Helix 534 in the Gulf now. The Q5000 will be delivered next summer, and coming to the Gulf. They do the deep water well intervention. I dont know of anyone else out there that does it.