License BEFORE graduation

Shit the new new dorms are 20 years old now :joy:

I believe they appeared in the late 90’s during Admiral Brown’s tenure. Think they brought them in to broaden the appeal of the school to folks interested in the degrees but turned off by/uninterested in the regiment and license program during very low enrollment years.

Not those The other new dorms, built in 1972

Way earlier We had them late 70s Although Floyd may have ran them off for a sabbatical.

That’s why I said the new new dorms! We all called Baylis “E&F” and the other building the new dorms, but that would have confused you old timers.

I thought those were the “original” day students who came in for the newly created graduate program and already held licenses? My memory sucks but I always figured the “non regiment, non license” student concept was Brown’s (un)doing.

Last time I visited a handful of cadets and staff referred to the new dorms as “G+H Companies, 4th Battalion,” though I’ve never seen anyone wearing insignia for said companies.

I think when I was there G&H aka the new dorms were only DayStudents, 1/C, and of course the non-reg students. They did have G&H on some paperwork, but you’re right no insignias available, and no one really expected them to buy the correct company pin.

Day Students and Troopers were too cool for school anyway… back in the day Troopers were really a unique looking pack of animals.

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When you’ve got no rate responsibilities, you passed license, and you just have to at last semester to ride out before graduation, it is (finally) easy livin’.

Troopers were like that whether they passed license or not. MUG books used to even put a definition of “Trooper” in the back for the cadets to memorize: “A non-rated First Class Cadet, known for their impeccable appearance.”

They tried shaming them, but it just made them stronger — everyone wanted to be them and they knew it.

I was a “day student” my last 3 years - we had the option as veterans to wear warrant officer boards and live off campus.

There were non-regiment/non-license day students in several of the BS degree programs in the 70s/80s. I assume they were eliminated as part of Miller’s systematic gutting of academic options. But Miller had a strong cabal of supporters, and they likely contributed to Brown’s demise.

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That’s the insignia for all day students, veterans or not. They also allow them to wear all earned qualification badges and ribbons on their uniforms.

Some years ago the upper class were putting the screws to a DS who had a combat infantryman badge and Purple Heart… that ended when they realized who they were hazing. Nice fellow, too… he took it all in stride.

I don’t Know if SUNY’s program is set up like CMA, but If you don’t go 7/7, you go to the REC and make up what you’re missing. CG rules say you have 90 days to retake exams if you go 5/7, and you have to retake all 7 if you totally shit the bed, but It’s not just offered twice a year, take it whenever. You can activate a 1 year cool down at some point, but at that point, what the hell are you doing, it’s a hard test, but not that hard.

If you’re in a master’s degree program that requires a thesis - you have to do a thesis. You can’t complain about the other programs that don’t require a thesis, and If you’re in whatever licensed program for a USCG license, you need to get the license to get the degree, and if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass when he jumps.

Non licensed track curriculums started somewhere around 2002 or 2003 if I remember correctly. I wasn’t there at the time, but remember seeing the change very soon after I was released.

yea - we wore our ribbons just to kinda let the folks know who we were. Kept our heads down , after active duty we really didn’t want any part of the reg. We were kind of focused on getting the degree, and the license and getting a job.

We tried to be kind of like big brothers to the guys and girls in our class, and I think we did a pretty OK job of that. I was a proficent navigator before I went to SUNY and could read light at 8-9 words a minute. I tried to help where I could.

We lived on campus Mug year, did IDO week, and were technically mugs. But really didn’t do much of the mug stuff. No one really bothered us.

Most of them ended up on the TSES working for the chief mate and keeping their heads down, if they didn’t live off campus. It was generally understood they had 1st class privilege and rank but without the corresponding authority. They were nestled in under whatever class they came in with and whatever cruise they completed. 99.9% of them didn’t care anyway, some (non veterans) felt DS was a rank (it’s not) and exempted them from any and all duties they deemed beneath them on cruises (it doesn’t, we weren’t even allowed to wear the insignia on cruise) — ended up just earning them the asshole award for the duration of their stay.

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Same for all academies. Re-takes at the REC.

I could not remember the “new dorms” were officially called. I even looked at the website.

As far as I can tell the building is not named after a person like almost every other building and the pier just G&H companies.