Let's hear it for TOTE!...good news from the new US merchant ship front

from the venerable Tim Colton today

In the most stunning maritime news this year (this decade?), NASSCO and TOTE have announced that they have executed a contract for the design and construction of two 3,100-teu LNG-powered containerships, with options for three more. They are the first large cargo ships to be LNG-fueled. Read NASSCO’s release here and TOTE’s here. No prices given but deliveries are scheduled for 4Q15 and 1Q16. This is excellent news, not just for NASSCO, which needs the work, but for U.S. domestic trade in general, and for the Puerto Rican trade in particular, which is where TOTE plans to put them, and which is where the oldest and most embarrassing Jones Act ships now operate. Good for TOTE. December 4, 2012.

I really fucked up when I decided to not make a big effort to work for Saltchuk when I was younger…they are a top notch company worthy of high praise and that’s coming from me!

They making a move on horizon’s work you think?