Legalities of vessel arming

Can you actually carry for self defense onboard a cargo ship, legally speaking?

I hold a CCW fyi.

I would very much prefer to carry than not, considering all that’s out there.


Its tradition for the captain to have a revolver in the ship’s safe. However for the reasons above I dont think this practice has survived in to the current day.

I had a safe onboard in my not so large but comfy quarters. Had the combination, but never had to use it, I left it unlocked. The mariners I sailed with were rather honest guys and gals… Funny, when things (Money from wallets) turned up missing, it was a wayward ABS guy that was stung/setup by the different authorities in Tampa. POS dude. Did my guys have weapons? Probably. He was lucky the Feds got to him before my guys who were excellent shots and hunters of numerous game, but honest fellows.