Launch of world's most luxurious cruise ship delayed for third time

After a number of delays due to strikes in the Croatian shipyard the Scenic Eclipse is expected to steam up half of august from Reykjavik, Iceland to areas where you normally can’t get, but now you can get up close, with a price tag starting a $ 7195, with the on-board Zodiacs, helicopters (2x Airbus H130) or submarine (!)

The last pieces of untouched nature submit a very last melting safari before it all disappears in the wake of hyper-luxury tourist floats. But with a crew / passenger ratio of 1: 1, the indifferent people of this planet do not really care, apres nous le déluge…


Peu importe, l’argent nous protégera.

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Oui, mon cher c’est la vérité!

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