LAT/LONG Converted TO Loran?

Can anyone help me out here.

I am searching for software or algorithm that can be use to convert from LAT/LONG to Loran. There is plenty of information to go the other way.



Why? I can’t imagine anyone ever needing such an algorithm

Does this do it for you?

Somebodys treasure hunting!

Either that or some good fishing numbers.

and how the hell could you even do that considering each and every chain is different with multiple pairs to get TD’s for?

just nonsense

[QUOTE=Swampfox;82798]Either that or some good fishing numbers.[/QUOTE]

But not LL to TD… I can imagine if you dig up a old log or something with a string of TD’s that needed to be converted to LL but the other way around? I wonder if it’s maybe a lawsuit or something where navigational accuracy is in question… Then like c.captain says, which chain? X,Y,Z? Differential?