Joshua Slocum, Donald McKay, Robert Allen

Unfortunately @Emrobu left the forum, she would say:
Hey, hey… Robert Allen is a Canadian from BC, of Scottish origins.

However from the Vancouver region he may see the USA…

Canadians are used to being mistaken for their cousins to the south. They’re kind of sensitive about it.
She might remind us that Donald McKay, the visionary who revolutionized shipping with his elegant and speedy clippers was from Nova Scotia but he reached critical mass in Boston so he was considered a Yankee.
Joshua Slocum, the first man to circle the globe singlehanded in a sailboat was also a bluenose from Nova Scotia.

The Canadian Defense rests.

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Searcing Robert Allan Tugs on google you get Robert Allan LTD. With a Norwegian Tug as the first thing you see at the home page.



They are impressively enough, even worse then USA in it’s maritime procurement. Viking supply ships made a killing selling old icebreakers to Canada.

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I was born in a cold spot, on coldest North Mountain, on a cold February 20, though I am a citizen of the United States—a naturalized Yankee, if it may be said that Nova Scotians are not Yankees in the truest sense of the word.

Title: Sailing Alone Around The World

Author: Joshua Slocum

@Kraken, see new thread - Can the US Navy count on its northern neighbors to help in a conflict?

I stand corrected and have edited the post. Like I tell people in South America who ask me if I’m “American”… we’re all Americans over here. Canada, you’re American too.

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Yeah, that’s how I see it, no offense taken here. We’re all North Americans and guardians of this continent, whether holding Canadian or US citizenship. Some folks in the Great White North resent being excluded when people mention America although not so much since Trump got elected. Like I said, they’re a very sensitive bunch who take offense when they feel neglected. Please be kind to them, they don’t like loud noises.

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Mexico is part of North America too :wink:


Geographically yes. Culturally Central American.





Not sure what your post signifies. I’m not super knowledgeable about memes.

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It’s ok. If you were Canadian you’d understand.

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Ah come on guy…

Quoting collegehumor dot com:

Perhaps best known for their ill-fated marriage to the Queef Sisters, (OK, not really, but damn it if I’m not going to use that word when given the opportunity) Terrance and Phillip acts as a reaction to the reaction South Park received by viewers. Hats off to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who found a beautiful way to marry clever, defensive social commentary with as many fart noises as they could ever want or need.

I’m no better off than before…