Jones act and airlines


I see happy, smiling, joking flight crews on US airlines all the time. What shit airline are you flying?


What cockeyed logic is this?

The 3rd world didn’t force USA aka Uncle Sam to sell his assets like Sea-Land and APL to other countries in the name of shareholder value and profits.

It’s USA and the Western world which forced capitalism, free trade and the concept of outsourcing into the 3rd world (after looting their natural resources, as China is currently doing in Africa) via the IMF and the World Bank, not the other way round. Now, live with the consequences.

Don’t like it? Then vote responsibly instead of basing your votes on ideology and labels. Try explaining how Trump, even after proving how massively ignorant he is on all topics, including being a sex molester, got elected?

Villagers? Seriously! Are you from Alabama, living next to Roy Moore?


The same shit as you. Too bad that the majority of the US flying public begs to differ and say otherwise (as some research will prove it).


Don’t forget Anheiser-Bush. That one still stings


I like the flattery, but you forget that I’m not a native English speaker? Easy to misunderstand the finer nuances of a language you are not born with.
Like that “developed countries” includes Europe:


Apparently you missed the word “minimum”…


No I did NOT miss “minimum”, but you apparently missed “it should be the same as US union wages”.
As we have agreed earlier; minimum will nearly always be seen as maximum of what have to be complied with.

Luckily that “rule” doesn’t apply to all Shipowners. Some may exceed it, both in this case and when it comes to standard of safety and crew comfort.
Does that apply to ANY US shipowners, or large corporations??


Anheuser-Bush?? Isn’t that the one’s that stole the name Budweiser from a brewery in Pilsen, Czech Republic??

Luckily someone had sense enough to continue brewing good Pilsner Beer under that same name at the original location:


If they haven’t already letter their wages to the ILO minimum why would they do so for the USA minimum?

Basically, it wouldn’t affect anyone making more than the minimums set. The same market forces requiring higher pay would still be in effect.


IMO wage scale??? You sure you don’t mean ILO or ITF?
No. wages are set by collective bargaining between Seafarer’s Unions and Shipowner’s Organizations and it is still a MINIMUM.

In those bargaining sessions there are also other subjects, such as contract terms, working conditions, additional health insurance and pensions, etc. etc. THAT is what Unions are for, not to rent out seafarers for short term day rated work. (Wasn’t there a name for those who did so back in them days?)

For those who hire out though Crewing Agents on ships without collective bargaining agreement, ITF minimum wages applies. Your idea that the majority of ships and seafarers come under this category is not based on facts and knowledge. (Or are you just trolling??)


The very same. Was one of the quintessentially American brands and is now not so much. Beer was never anything to write home about but it was as American as Coca-Cola.

I’ve had Budvar in Prague and its a great Pilsner. Hard to find a bad one in that country actually.


No I’m not sure.

All seafarers are protected by the minimum seafarer wage, just because some make more doesn’t mean they aren’t “under this category”.


Budweiser Budvar is available in Singapore. The American name sake is more common and well known though.

I ordered an “original Budweiser” at my favourit Pub some time ago, A new waitress, who obviously had little knowledge of beer (or my tast), brought the beer already poured into a glass.
I took one sip before calling her back to let her know my displeasure and the difference.between the original and American variety.


Thanks for the suggestion but I’ll pass on that organisation.


Well, since this thread is about Airlines and Ships, I’d like to state that I bet most pilots on those over-seas flights are smiling a lot, because they likely are making $300,000+ a year and will have several million in retirement. Look here for average pay. For simplicity sake, take the hourly rate and multiply by 1000 to get baseline salary for the year:

And this is another thing that confounds me. Airline pilot pay keeps going up and up as ALPA, their union, does a damn good job. I just can’t believe the executives and bean counters are so accepting.

To be honest, it really takes more time in school/training and seatime to get an unlimited Master or Chief Eng license in the USA than it takes to get an ATP with big jet type rating. There most definitely are more qualified airline pilots than there are unlimited officers.


I fondly recall a time when a Budweisers were an acceptable form of currency in lieu of 555 State Express or Marlboro cigarettes abroad, and was a pleasure to drink.

These days, at least locally, it’s just an alternate to horse piss.

Ever notice the difference in taste between Coke in USA and Coke abroad?


Why? What compelling reason do you have to bypass Al-Jazeera as a source of news?

Is it because it’s foreign owned and has a strange non-Western name?

Is it because the owners are also have been known to support ISIS & Hamas?

You do know that the owners are the Qatari govt., right? If so, you do also know that the US has its largest airbase, outside USA, in Qatar, right? If so, then, you also do know that part of your tax dollars goes in subsidizing the Qatari govt., and by corollary, the Al-Jazeera network, one of the largest in the world, right? You also do know that a whole bunch of ex-BBC and ex-CNN staffers (all expatriates) work and report for Al-Jazeera, right?

Why would you not want to see your tax dollars at work?

This from the Columbia Journalism Report on Forbes (since you prefer everything reported by a Western owned media /snark)

“Remarkably, however, CJR insists that the biggest reason Al Jazeera America hasn’t located much of an American audience is that its product is simply too good – “old-school, high-quality journalism” – for the mass of low-information Americans to appreciate.”

The article here.

Your words:

Yet, instead of keeping an open mind and trying to learn from the links posted, you have the audacity to not only reject the well meaning facts, but openly disparage them.

As an aside, ever flown into Doha airport? US airports look worse than some of the 3rd world airports that I’ve flown into. To go from gate to gate, you can take a monorail. No! Then ride a golf cart. Still No! Hop onto a flat escalator. Still No! Then walk your fat ass and get some exercise as the US side of the airport is a LOOONGG way away. Don’t even get me started on all those duty free shops in between or the cava joints selling kava or the McLaren beauties available by lottery at the airport.


I’ll just respond to this.

I guess they all go abroad :smile:

but, then, both US sailors and pilots have this:

Read that last link, especially the comments. It’s really illuminating and dove tails into what I’m trying to point out - as long as US ship/airline crew get taxed, there will no parity in the purchasing power of the US and a foreign crew. The foreign crew member will always be making more money than the US crew and laughing his/her way to the bank.


The USA has to get taxes from someone and they concentrate on working folks. Corporations and the wealthy have lobbyists to make sure laws are passed to prevent them from having to pay taxes.
Working folks don’t have lobbyists. GE paid 1% tax, Microsoft 12% etc. Many carry a net loss so they pay zero and carry forward the loss to cover future earnings. This doesn’t include tax not paid on money they claim is overseas.
See the Paradise Papers from more disgusting information


There may be a good reason why pay for trained Pilots are going up; China is hiring: