Is Union (MMP) worth it?

The jobs open first to the closest hall/ halls then open board nationwide. So Boston being the last port on the east coast gets what’s left after NY gets a shot. So Boston is at a disadvantage. Then it’s sent nationwide - to the gulf and west coast ports.

It’s been a long time since there’s been a substantial amount of US flag unlimited ships going to Boston. There is a Jones act ATB market and an occasional US flag roro that goes into Boston but that’s about it.

I love a good sea story.


This is just based on OSG Wages 2.5 percent increase a year and OSG isn’t a good contract compared to others. It’s a big difference

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Damn, that’s a biiigggg OOF

Like I said - it’s a stupid system that gives the advantage to those that are at one hall versus the rest of the halls. Glad to see it hasn’t changed. I left and never looked back and my career is for the better because of it.


Still a little misleading as the MMP pension is actually worse. In the MMP plan if you did not work 1 day prior to 1995 you CANNOT retire with 20 years of pension credit only. You have to be at least 55 years old OR your age and years of service have to equal 80!

So technically a 42 year old MEBA Captain would be able to collect MEBA pension. However a 42 year old MMP Captain would not be able to collect an MMP pension and have to wait another 9 years until they reached the age of 51 when their years of service (29) and age would total to 80.

If you went right out of school and joined one of the unions the youngest you could possibly retire in the MEBA with a pension is 42 and with MMP its 51. Which is ironic because you have to work longer for less.

You really came here with a vendetta against MMP didn’t you? :rofl:

I got no dog in this fight either way, but you can’t seem to go a single post without ragging on them. I really wish the tugs in NY stayed outta AMG personally as I think things wer better off without them, but aside from that in 35 years I’ve never met an offshore MMP mate or pensioner who regretted their choice unless their lives outside and around sailing patently sucked.

For the record, I believe both are fine unions — there just seems to be a lot of slinging shit between this and the other thread that seems a bit… unnecessary.


What are the MMP Inland / AMG wages in NY?

I’ve been outta the game a long time so no idea on wages, but the companies are saying it has been way more costly for them as part of AMG than it was before and that the AMG rep is absolutely useless unless there’s a photo op involved.

An acquaintance of mine who is MMP said they have asked him to “talk to friends of his” who own tugs and barges about joining and he just nods and says “sure thing,” before ignoring the request. Said when he turned around and told them to avoid joining even they said “hell, we knew that. Every company that joined regrets it.”

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I’ve had the same thought. I’m an MM&P member and don’t see where all the hate is from. It reads like personal insecurities coming to the surface by this particular forum member. I joined MM&P because it is a predominantly deck officer focused union and felt they would represent my interests as a deck officer better than the other two choices. They were also the only union to show up at a job fair with all their various contracts in a binder so you could see the dollars and cents. I made that decision when I was 22 years old and have not had any major regrets about it.

Each union has their pros and cons for each individual person. I just don’t see a need to sling mud at the other officers unions. As a member, you should be proud of your union, but fixating on others and shit talking is gauche in my opinion.


I’ve sailed with MMP mates that are great it’s just that I believe MMP’s administration is hurting the industry as a whole.

It frustrates me that people on here think it’s okay for MMP to lowball and create issues / stirring the pot with other unions. It’s not 1984 is 2024 and it’s time for all three officers unions to work together and be on the same page. The industry needs better work rules and wages for all.
AMO used to be the one lowballing and creating issues and no one on the forum ever had a problems with people calling them out. Now AMO have seem to have been really stepping up their game from what I’ve been hearing and reading on the forum while MMP has gone the other direction.

Yes I had a negative experience with a MMP dispatcher that messed around with calling a job and treated me like shit just because I was from the MEBA. I am glad the passthrough agreement ends next year and no MEBA mate will have to experience that. But that’s not my main issue with MMP.

Many MMP members I know aren’t happy with what their union is doing. I’ve even known some who have even left. I am done talking about MMP and will only focus on answering MEBA questions I’ve been DM’d by many on here.
I wish all my union brothers and sisters smooth sailing and wish them the best.

I think this thread can be ended

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I didn’t see how that is a bad thing.

Good. :man_shrugging:

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I was told the tug mates with MMP’s AMG do not get training paid for at MITAGS only discounts which only makes the courses the same price as everywhere else because they are more expensive at MITAGS.
I was told tug mates if joining a company with a union prefer SIU or AMO boats because with SIU and AMO do receive paid training at Piney Point and the STAR Center respectively. Is this true? Can anyone confirm this ?

I interviewed with a company rep’d by MMP AMG and my understanding was essentially that they use MMP for their healthcare/benefits side as well as the collective bargaining but that’s really where the membership ends. Can’t really jump between companies/membership districts at all without starting over.

Training at MITAGS was not paid for but it was “something they were working on”

In other words, AMG is just another MMP shit inland tugboat union, without even the basic benefits of being in the MMP like free training at MITAGS.

As I understand it, some MMP Inland Pacific mariners get free training at MITAGS, but others don’t. Apparently it depends on how bad the contracts are.

MMP ought to be really proud of itself.

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Whenever I’m at the hall the lights are always off on the AMG side of the office and no one is ever there. As mentioned above the word is their representative is terrible and only comes out of the ground when they smell a photo op for the union magazine (I’ve even heard from guys on the tugs that this person plain sucks.)

We never shoulda gotten involved in that area.


There’s an opinion shared by some senior officers deepsea that union membership should end with the healthcare/ benefits just like the pilots with MMP.

I heard a AMG company tried to decertify recently

Rerouting the extra training plan money, pension contributions, dues, fees and other money paid to the union to my base pay would be alot nicer.
My opinion positive opinion on unions seems to change every other month but maybe I’m just turning into a grumpy guy the older I get.


Well senior officers already got their upgrade classes paid for, which if you pay out of pocket can be like $20k plus lodging and time. I’m sure if they were a 2M looking at taking upgrade classes they’d have a different opinion.

That’s what I saying year after year putting training money in for senior officers doesn’t make sense. For junior officers it does. But if you say join MMP as a senior officer you never used that money away either.

I think if it weren’t for the health benefits, there would be a push on some ships for the senior positions to decertify.

If you think about it though all the fees and stuff for the union totals a petty penny so that’s expensive healthcare