Is this the end of the road for the SS UNITED STATES?

The United States was built as an ocean liner which is not the same thing as being built as a cruise ship. Those that point to the Queen Mary (Hotel) as a viable option should do their due diligence. The Queen Mary, has only recently turned a profit. For many years it was described as a money losing white elephant.

It would need to be moved to a more “gentrified” location. It’s currently in an industrial area 5+ miles from the center of the city. The cost of that waterfront space will likely be significantly more than what it costs now.

A refurbished and repurposed United States, perhaps as part of a museum or convention center, would be quite an attraction in the right place, not Philadelphia.

She needs to be somewhere with a maritime heritage, the right space for her, and a lot of tourists that would appreciate her. No wharfage fees and no taxes.

Buddy, do you live in the real world or does your tugboat exist in some utopian society where everyone is a “real mariner”? No wharf fees? No taxes, “maritime heritage”? What city has a lot of tourists interested in looking at an old ship that hasn’t had funding to refurbish her in however many years?

Scrap the damn thing.

I think the proposal that she be moved to NY for hotel operations would be perfect. Tie her up at Pier 76, next to the Javits center. Even elsewhere in NYC would work. There’s a lot of unused/underused waterfront space. A lot of it is even still industrial wasteland, despite neighborhoods around it seeing a lot of development.

I thought the NYC hotel thing was still on the table for her, but I guess it went the same way as all the other pipe dreams for the old girl. Shame though, I thought the renderings were pretty good and maybe attainable for once.

Sadly, I’m thinking it would be cheaper to build a replica from scratch than to attempt restoration. Many have dipped their toes into it. Mostly for a tax shelter apparently, but none have progressed beyond the exploratory phase.

It is time for her to be scrapped.


So give half to the Coke factory and the other half to Gillette.

Whatever it takes. Make it go away.


As far as I know, there are only three ex liners serving as hotels today being QUEEN MARY, QM2 and the ROTTERDAM and none was ever in the state that the SSUS is now in. Whether any of those hotels is profitable is a question but with hundreds of millions needed to turn the Big U into a hotel is absolutely dead from the start. Who on earth would take the risk?

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Tow her out and give her the Viking funeral she deserves.


Thanks for the info, as for due diligence, sometimes you just can’t find all the information you need. I just threw a WAG out there.

We get that, but that’s not the reality of what current paying passengers want. That’s why the ideas to refurbish her and put her back into service are non starters.

That was one of the points I was attempting to make. By today’s standards the United States would be a piss poor cruise ship.

I went aboard her several times when I worked for U.S.Lines here in Norfolk.
A beautiful ship inside and out.