Is the US a net importer of oil still?

Tanker tracking indicate the US was still importing more Crude Oil than it exported in 2019:,continue%20also%20in%20coming%20years.

This MAY change in 2020, though.

I think part of that is the USA refinerties are designed for heavy Saudi crude and not the light they dig up.
Like Malaysia that is a net importer by volume but net exporter by value due to it selling its light crude for jet fuel and buying cheap heavy back for diesel and other fuels

Canada and Mexico are the US’ significant petroleum trading partners and that volume won’t necessarily show up in tanker traffic. Check

Yes that is correct. Some refineries are even set up to handle even heavier Venezuelan Orinoco Crude, but they may have converted to Saudi Crude. (??)

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Yes I presume the majority of Canadian and Mexican Crude Oil arrive the US by pipe lines. (Wouldn’t that just add to the total Crude import?)

Any export of refined petroleum products may well go by tankers, but that was not the subject of the article.

Not really. We import more crude but we refine it and then export. If it wasn’t for exports we’d be positive exports except for shipping advantages.

“ The United States is a net importer of crude oil. In November 2019, the latest monthly data, it imported 5.8 million b/d of crude oil and exported 3.0 million b/d of crude oil. The United States is a net exporter of petroleum products (such as distillate fuel, motor gasoline, and jet fuel). In November 2019, the United States exported 5.8 million b/d of petroleum products and imported 2.2 million b/d of petroleum products.”—

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how about the value, is that an export earner over the import costs?
So its a cash flow positive business for the USA?

Yes, from what I can tell. There are several different kinds of crude oil that are made into different things. Do we might be there importing one kind and exporting a different kind. Also oil is cheap now. If it goes back up over $100 then North Dakota etc. oil shale comes back into production. I think I remember reading that Iran imports Gasoline because they don’t have enough refining capacity.

The original article was about tonnage of Crude Oil Import and Export in 2019 only.
Noting about petroleum products, types of crude, value, or about other years, except mentioning that the situation may change in 2020.

But that doesn’t tell whole story. Also doesn’t include the huge amount of coal we export. The US is a net energy exporter.

And a net Crude oil importer (In 2019)

Fine whatever