Iranian Naval Forces Seize Tanker Advantage Sweet in Gulf of Oman -

“Tit-for-tat” (You steal our oil, we steal yours):

Another interesting fact about the “Suez Rajan” found in FT (behind paywall):

PS> Sanctions against Iranian oil shipments are a unilateral US action, not UN or EU imposed.

Suez Rajan has gone “dark” for the last week, or more:

The last signal from the suezmax tanker Suez Rajan was seen on Saturday off Madagascar. The ship had been in limbo off Singapore for more than a year amid a controversy over a suspected Iranian cargo. Photo: VesselsValue
Source: Tradewinds, 28 April 2023. UPDATED 1 May 2023 8:02 GMT (Behind pay wall)

One more tanker hijacked by state sponsored “pirates.” This time an unladen tanker:
Speculation surrounds second Iranian tanker seizure - Splash247)
The “official” reason:

PS> “Sanctions era” refer to when sanctions were UN approved and universally applied. (Lifted 2015)
"In November (2018), Washington stepped up the pressure, imposing sanctions on Iran’s oil exports and energy sector" (Source: What sanctions did Trump slap on Iran? | Hassan Rouhani News | Al Jazeera