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I see that Fox News also got it wrong at first. Evidently that’s what was reported by the Capital Police.

I searched to see if Fox also issued a correction. The first hit on google is a Fox report about the NYT correction. That article does mention that Fox also got it wrong but it is buried towards the end. Fox may have issued a correction elsewhere but I didn’t look further.

Wikipedia has it correct. Didn’t check but likely they got it wrong at first also.

I noticed the same thing. If the Capital Police says the officer died of injuries, is the NYT going to dispute it without reason?

By the way, betweenthebuoys, you’re using the word “agitprop” incorrectly: Dictionary definition: “political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art or literature.”

As to your assertion…

The NYT had 2020 quarterly operating profits in the tens of millions of dollars. How is that “imploding”? It canned a reporter for violating its workplace rules. Don’t worry. They have 1,599 more reporters. They’ll do OK. So how do you substantiate “Imploding”?

What are you referring to? That a newspaper corrected a story it got wrong previously? How is that cruel, unprofessional, silly, or despicable? Out West we call that “manning up”.

Irony Alert: Your new source (loose term) reported that HCL cures C19, and that a Texas man was caught buying votes for POTUS46. Neither of these stories are true. They never posted a correction. Is your news source cruel, unprofessional, silly, or despicable?

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Agreed. But I’m not after their public reasons. You know I’m after a philosophical answer as to their underlying reasoning. Companies seldom tell their customers, “You are an idiot and we don’t want the money you bring us.” Publicly, anyway.

I don’t refuse to accept things. I accept entirely but ask why as it doesn’t seem in the company’s interest, but perhaps you know. Give us your theory.