I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I still like the sound of it!

this arrived in my inbox this afternoon

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Group: Maritime & Offshore Jobs
Subject: The Great Offshore Boom - Core Group Resources Leads The Way

Core Group Resources, the largest marine offshore recruitment company headquartered Houston, TX, expands the team for the [B]“Great Offshore Boom.”[/B]

Core Group Resources is the bridge that connects the maritime and marine offshore oil & gas industries. We have in depth knowledge of these fields and can help you navigate this quickly expanding market.

Core Group is actively assisting companies hiring topnotch marine engineers, operations, and commercial candidates with our expertise in the maritime industry. Companies who design, construct, service, and operate vessels of any type utilize us to find highly qualified individuals in business critical positions. Candidates seeking navigation into the marine offshore industry both shoreside and seagoing, let us chart your career here. We have mapped out all verticals in this space and know where maritime professionals are best poised for rapid career growth. With strong projected growth in the offshore space, now is the time to partner with the largest Houston-based Marine Offshore Recruitment firm of Core Group Resources.

If you have recruitment needs for a marine project or vessel and need engineers or marine professionals rapidly ask about our 72 hour; Rapid Recruitment Response Program.

Please feel free to contact us at:

Core Group Resources

now just to find me that $350k I’m hoping for! Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Core is run by a Kp alum… So just be sure not to tell them you are c.captain :wink:

[QUOTE=john;113253]Core is run by a Kp alum… So just be sure not to tell them you are c.captain ;)[/QUOTE]

Ah HELL John, Matt knows who the smelly crud encrusted man behind the mask really is and believe me, he is one ugly SOB!

I mean when I say one c.captain is an ugly SOB, I mean one [B]UGLY [/B]SOB!