Hydrogen Fuel cells for cars

Hydrogen fuel cell for cars an trucks has been around for some years, but the lack of filling stations offering hydrogen has limited sale of such vehicles.
Is that about to changes?:

Hydrogen is a PITA because it leaks from fittings that are gas-tight for other gasses.

Get fittings that hold tight for Hydrogen.

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That’s the other half. Storing and transporting hydrogen is expensive. The other problem is that there is no such thing as a “hydrogen well”, you have to MAKE it. Making it by stripping carbon off of methane is beyond silly if you want to run a car on it, just use the methane as-is and save a few steps. CNG (compressed methane) cars exist now.
Making hydrogen from water requires massive amounts of electricity, so in effect you have a coal, oil, gas, nuclear, solar, hydro, and/or wind powered car. The only way that makes sense is the last few carbon-free choices.
Hydrogen fuel cells do make sense in spacecraft, they have hydrogen aboard anyway for propulsion fuel and the exhaust, fresh water, is a needed commodity. Plus the people flying the scpaecrafts don’t have to pay for the fuel :wink:

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Hydrogen can be made with surplus energy from wind power when the wind is strong, or solar power on clear sunny day, or hydro power at any time. (or a combination of all the above when the demand is low)

By placing the hydrogen producing facility at/near the power source you avoid long HV power lines through prestin nature.

Besides, hydrogen is envisaged as a “fuel of the future”. What is available of power sources, facilities and consumers today is irrelevant for future development.

Can you envisage large solar farms in desert areas, or wind farms far from population centers and hydrogen powered fuel cells producing and supplying electric power in your neighbourhood?

PS> The water produced can be put to good use, as can water produced by central air condition plants powered by hydrogen and supplying large buildings, or whole neighbourhoods.

PPS> Think futuristic, not just about what is the reality today.

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On the good side - existing internal combustion engine cars can use hydrogen, obviously with a new fuel tank, and so could fuel cell/electric cars. One gas station could fuel every kind of car :slight_smile:

Rotterdam port is gearing up to take the lead in a hydrogen powered future for shipping and ports:

It isn’t simply a matter of fuel replacement. Burning hydrogen in a spark ignition engine will only produce about half the power that gasoline produces. If the mixture is enrichened to the point where near the same amount of power is produced, NOx emissions go sky high. The means to extract useful power from hydrogen in a reciprocating engine is far from as simple as some would have use believe.

There is no free lunch in the power vs emissions cafe.