How to write a sealift capability article

Here’s how to write a proper article. Maybe some authors can use it to guide them in improving prose:

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This is a good article, now go read the comments.

Note the level of ignorance, and this is from people who seek out articles like this, now extrapolate that ignorance to the population at large.

Unless the public is educated, the U.S. Merchant Marine (and our jobs) will keep declining.

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The comment by Alex S November 18, 2022 at 9:15 am:

(My highlights)

Maybe if more articles on gcaptain were to the point and well written, the message could go further instead of the meandering rambling points that don’t even make sense.

Maybe if we all just flagged off-topic posts they would disappear…

Maybe if average user improved his/her reading comprehension, the world would be better off. My original post was not referring to forum posts; it was in reference to articles that are horribly composed.