How to Quit Caffeine - Cartoon

How to Quit Caffeine - Cartoon

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Good Question!!

Call me OLD SCHOOL…why would you want to? Quit, that is. I wash my cup out with fuel oil at the end of each hitch and call it good.
As far as these hoity-toity, 12 types of coffee on the menu joints…do ya gotta stick your pinky in the air and own a pink poodle to be allowed in?

I’d like an Iced venti 6 shot 2/3 half-caf 2 1/2 pump sugar free cinnamon dolce, 2 1/2 pump sugar free vanilla, 1 pump sugar free gingerbread, splash of 1% milk (half 2% and nonfat) 2 splenda 3 honey packets(stirred in with the espresso first to melt) light ice, light whip, with cinnamon dolce and nutmeg sprinkles iced coffee. Please.

You and my wife are exactly why I only order for myself at starbucks, but she has to have soy milk.

I’ll start paying seven dollars for soy milk the day I see a soy cow.

CA, that’s pretty good!!
Truthfully, i once felt the need for coffee while serving as a rented pack mule for my wife. I stepped into one of those mall coffee shops, and the guy in front of me, dressed like an investment banker, actually took 32 words to order his coffee. Really had to fight the urge to leg swipe him and stomp on his chest!!! Then, it was my turn…“Coffee…black…large”

Apparently you aren’t supposed to do that. I got looks like I’d just been profiled on America’s Most Wanted.

I run on dunkin’

Capt_A must be from Seattle. I once pulled into port there asking for a cup of Joe only to be told they aint got “Joe” they have “Espresso Americano with a shot of steam, French Press and The Drip”.
I said "Funny they had the same menu at the Cat House last night, I’ll take the cheapest"
Them "That would be the drip"
Me "No shit, this is a coincidence. On second thought keep Joe and the drip in the closet and give me a rub-and-tug with happy ending."
One dude spit his coffee across the table and the rest just looked confused.

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Damn near spit coffee all over the keyboard Albert…

In Seattle at Pike’s Market and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Bought one of those big mugs to drink it out of too. mmmm’

This is the result of drinking too much.

This classic was posted here before but has to be resurrected for this thread…

absolutely a MUST SEE but for Gawd’s sake don’t be drinking nothin while you do!


I want to quit also.Nice question.

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