Hot and Cold / Decks and Engine Rooms

Disco was a piece of shit before it left Singapore and that it made it to Alaska was surprising. They got caught pumping over the side but that got covered up, no charges filed against the chief as it was probably in the grand scheme of their record a minor violation. That Shell accepted and even participated in certifying the thing to work in Alaska is enough to ban Shell from Alaska forever. That the powers that be in the federal government and Alaska’s state government allowed that POS to operate there is evidence of a corrupt system. That it ended badly should surprise no one.

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There were two engine rooms, forward and after engine room. Each had its own air induction valve.
The boat was built with 4 engines but later the forward port engine was removed to make room for a Prairie - Masker compressor which was itself later removed and the space used as a workbench.

My apologies I knew the US boats were built with 4 engines and I think with a harbour generator as well. The Brits brought three subs down to Australia to start training Australian crews : Tabard, Trump and Telemachus, before they purchased the Oberon class diesel boats.

The Disco was an absolute wreck. They claimed she had some super sophisticated anchoring system that was far to complicated for New Zealanders to operate, dragged them within metres of our main gas line when she was down here before a couple of anchor handlers working in a different field got to her, and she returned to Singapore.

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Nothing “super sophisticate” with anything on there I think.
What can be “super sophisticated” with some ol’ Skagit winches?

That was the argument from this end.

I’ll never forget my first winter North Atlantic crossing on a Ro/Ro, I was doing rounds in the Engine Room having left my jacket in the control room because “hey it’s an engine room”

I made it a couple of steps before noticing I was actually chilly followed by having stepped right in front of a blower.

Woke me up better then any cold shower could :sweat_smile:

Also if I may add, Bunkering in Bremerhaven in January is a special kind of hell all on its own, talk about a brisk wind!

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Whoa! Hot?
Try standing watch in the engine room of the old SS EXHIBITOR,
(Am. Export), no A/C, going through Red Sea or in Calcutta. 118/123 F eating salt pills.
Frank T. (Maine Maritime)

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