Happy New Year ! ROLL TIDE!

New years eve AND a Bama Game… Double brown party liquor night!!!

Hope yall have a fun AND safe New Years eve.

Don’t forget to eat your collard greens and black eyed peas tomm!

Also at midnight do not shoot yer rifles into the air. Use shotguns.

And don’t burn down any high rise apartment buildings. They haven’t figured that out yet in Dubai.

Scuse me, hotels.

I wonder if they used inferior building codes compared to what we have for buildings that large in the US.

Happy New Year everyone!

Been on the brown party liquor for hours and I have a huge furniture bonfire planned for later. If bama wins I may burn half the neighborhood down. Be ready to send guns, lawyers and money…ROLLLLL TIIIIDDDDEEE!!!

HELL…my company can airdrop you armor if you call for it! Just ring 1-800-BIG-GUNS and we’ll take care of all your artillery and demolition requirements. We can also post bail for you if needed!


I wonder what would happen if one pushed an M54A2 out the back of a C-130? Certainly would make a big dent in the ground



ROLL TIDE!!! 38-0

Burn this muther down!!!

Happy double day!