Gulf Island Shipyards to build OSU research vessel

talk about more Federal Government WASTE! $122M for a vessel which easily could have been converted from a virtually brand new OSV for a third of the cost of this. And this is only the first of three!


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But it wouldn’t be as pretty!
You could pick up a less than 5 year old OSV, get it classed ICE C0 retroactively, already be DP-2, and GREEN.
Might need to put some equipment on sound dampeners but that’s not a deal breaker.

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See Ombugge’s right.

If American OSVs where built to an International standard with Ice Class, saunas, bidets, and vibrating leather recliners, the government would want to convert them for scientific use, he’ll maybe even the USCG would want them. But since American OSVs are just crude and cheap fuel inefficient ugly barges with a pilothouse, they re not suitable for conversion to scientific or government operations.

While some of the major players in the bayou did not build a boat unless it had a solid contract that would pay for it, most of the bayou boys grossly overbuilt boats that were fast and cheap to build locally chasing quick profits on fast oil money.

The oil money became too fast and slippery for them to catch. Now they are stuck with the boats until the banks take them. The boats were not built with any kind of a backdoor strategy or with the kind of quality or features that would make them suitable for conversion to alternative uses, if, actually everyone knew it was when, not if, the oil patch collapsed again.

The excess nearly new Gulf OSVs stacked in the bayou will eventually be sold for a dime on the dollar to the surviving big OSV operators when the next oil patch upturn comes along.

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Wow since you put it like that I’m gonna go hang myself in that shitty second rate engine room.

You are right. Right now they could buy much more suitable vessels on the world market for a very attractive price.

even more criminal is that Dakota Creek Shipyard in Anacortes built the larger SALLY RIDE and NEIL ARMSTRONG for something liKe $30M less each. WTF is this massive cash giveaway to Gulf Island? Does Gary Chouest own them too?

Seems strange.
Sally Ride:

Have you read about the troubles they are in?

Is it solved?

I live about a dozen miles from Anacortes and know all about Dakota Creek’s mistake (that is what it is and not some subterfuge to circumvent the law)

it will be fixed in the 2017 Coast Guard Authorization Bill which will grant a waiver to the owner of the ship…the trouble is waiting for that bill to pass the House and the Senate