Grt vs gt

[QUOTE=Hawesclaws;125696]Trying to figure out if a 150gt vessel qualifies as a 200grt vessel because the rfpnw full endorsement requires half of the 180 days to be on a 200grt vessel or above.[/QUOTE]

Probably not. Generally, GT is higher than GRT. The difference is that GRT excludes certain spaces from the volume calculation that GT does not. This is why it’s vessel specific and there is no conversion formula, ikt depends on how many of those GRT excluded spaces are on the vessel. For mariner credntial putrposes, the Coast GHuard has considered 200 GRT to be equivalent to 500 GT and 1,600 GRT to be equivalent to 3,000 GT. These are the only two such equivalencies, we do not interpolate a linear relationship between these two points.

An overly simple way to think of GRT vs. GT is to consider a filing cabinet 3.5’ x 3.5’’ x 3.5’. Is there any way to get that through a door that is 3’ wide? Under GRT, you could if you took the drawers out.