Grounding of Tanker Ovit on Varne Bank in Dover Straits

The MAIB report is here Bridge watch realized they were aground 19 minutes after grounding when an engine alarm went off.

[QUOTE=Kennebec Captain;143999]The MAIB report is here Bridge watch realized they were aground 19 minutes after grounding when an engine alarm went off.[/QUOTE]

Talk about a loss of situational awareness!!

There’s some real gems in the MAIB report.

"Ovit, this is Dover Coastguard, please can you confirm
sir; are you aground? Have you touched the bottom,

1.5 Crew
1.5.1 General
All of Ovit’s 14-man crew were Turkish nationals. The crew’s morale was reported as
low. Several of the crew had expected to leave the vessel during recent port visits,
including Hamburg, Germany, on 14 September 2013, but the crew changes had
been cancelled. A planned delivery of cigarettes in Hamburg also did not arrive.

1.8 ECDIS use on board Ovit
1.8.1 Examination
Following the grounding, MAIB examined and analysed Ovit’s ECDIS. The findings
• The audible alarm was not functioning. The audio output communications port
had not been configured8. Therefore, when an alarm activated, no signal was
sent to the integral speaker in the ECDIS display.

RE: the UK Coast Guard VTS personal

Only three qualified operators were on watch because the senior watch manager
and a part-time watch officer were both on leave. At the time of the grounding, the
watch manager and watch officer were both absent from the operations room on a
meal break.

At 0434, when Ovit stopped in the water between the cardinal marks delineating
the limits of the Varne Bank (Figure 4), the chief officer’s situational awareness
was so poor that he did not know that the vessel had grounded. It was only when
an engineering alarm sounded at 0437 that he became aware that something was
wrong. Even then, it is evident that he thought that the ship was stopped because of
a machinery breakdown. Nonetheless, that the chief officer called the master after
he moved the azipod control levers to zero pitch, indicates that he appreciated the
seriousness of being without propulsion in a traffic separation scheme (TSS).

They didn’t get their cigarette delivery? Do you realize that to Turks (and Greeks and Italians) that is tantamount to intentional starvation? Those B@stards…

And before some PC white knight jumps my shit, the US was the same way a mere decade or so ago.

Tobacco was one of my food groups in the Navy. The Europeans are just a little behind the times. I have even made cigarette runs in the last year or so…for people who would be homicidal without.

So there. There’s your explanation. Tired, overworked and nicotine deprived.

And to think, there are elected officials that want to make it possible for assholes like this to replace all of us in the coastwise trade…

The shit I see with FOC ships is amazing sometimes. We will need all of these examples when the time comes.