Gordon Lightfoot Has Crossed The Bar: A Musical Beacon for Maritime History

Lightfoot was a tireless advocate for seafarers, using his platform to raise awareness of their contributions and the dangers they faced while navigating the treacherous waters of the Great Lakes and oceans worldwide. His dedication to their cause helped to shine a light on the vital role these brave men and women played in the global economy and their sacrifices to ensure the safe passage of goods across vast distances.


So many beautiful songs - stories set to music.

Edmund Fitzgerald

I know it’s poetic license, but no cook on the Lakes will ever say “it’s too rough to feed ya”.


I remember going to see Gordon Lightfoot when I was in high school. A very long long time ago. Years before the EDMUND FITZGERALD sank.

An Engineer friend used to say: “you really want to know what happened to the EDMUND FITZGERALD”? Answer: Ask Gordon Lightfoot !!!

I don’t even think I ever heard a tugboat cook in heavy seas say it, either. . . .

I enjoy his song Canadian Railroad Trilogy. I believe he was declared the most prolific Canadian song writer.
You know you’re getting old when…


Also, a lesser-known maritime song of his is “Ballad of Yarmouth Castle” but I think that’s even better than the Fitzgerald.