Google Maps on ships?

I recently read this on google’s ma page:

<font size="2][b]Company Name : Norsk Hydro

“Norsk Hydro welcomes Google Earth Enterprise V3 as a innovative tool for our global exploration efforts,” noted Ole Martinsen, Head of Exploration Research. “With Google Earth’s intuitive 3D geo-browsing experience, researchers can visualize data more effectively, allowing us to explore areas of interest more efficiently than ever. Deployed in our Research Centre in Bergen, Norway, the Google Earth Enterprise system is used to synthesize large quantities of global data including high resolution imagery and terrain models and dozens of vector layers that are relevant to Hydro’s interests. It’s an eye opening experience to see years of accumulated geological and geophysical data appear with just a few clicks.”[/b]</font>

Norsk Hydro is a major company, does this mean it will not be long until google maps goes pro and is seen on the bridge of ships??


[URL=" title="Google Earth with electronic charting overlay and VesselTrax AIS feed]

I can’t see watermon’s reply but… check out this article

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very nice