Giant bulker Wakashio aground on reef off Mauritius

The deed has been done:


The iron-ore carrier was using a well-traveled shipping lane that passes near Mauritius when the accident happened, according to maritime analysis firm Windward and shipping sources.

This article is a little confusing.

The first paragraph says this:

the Japanese-owned bulk carrier that ran aground off Mauritius and spilled oil over pristine waters, diverted more than 100 kilometres from a regular shipping lane, data from a maritime analysis firm showed.

Which presumably means that the ship was more than 100 km from it’s track.

But later it says this:

It appears to have deviated from that lane about 55 nautical miles (102 km) from Mauritius and headed straight for the Indian Ocean island, the data showed. The data shows the ship’s track during the last few hours of its journey, including a minor turn after crossing into Mauritius’ territorial waters.

This is from the Forbes article.

The three offshore vessels involved in the operation must have used their FiFi systems to fill the bow section with water and sink it, that would explain why they opened all the holds.

“Now it will be filled with sea water to sink it to the bottom,” Mauritius’s shipping director, Alain Donat, said, adding that it could take hours for it to descend.

For those who don’t know what a FiFi system is:

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The bow apparently is still afloat, they haven’t managed to sink it yet.

That was inaccurate news from splash 24/7.

Anyone understand why they have scuttled the bow (majority of the hull)? It was clearly floating enough to be towed out and water pumped in. Seems a waste of a lot of good scrap steel?

Although it will become a reef in a very short time.

How short is short? The company decided to sink the forward part of the ship at a depth of 3,000 metres, 40 kilometres off the south eastern coast of Mauritius so that might take a while…

Pretty sure the owners wanted it to disappear asap. Won’t be so easy with the aft section.


Not surprising development:

A consortium of Smit Salvage Singapore and Nippon Salvage are favourit to get the contract to remove the stern part of Wakashio from the reef off Mauritius:

One of the demand is to avoid further pollution and damage to corals.

And now we know where the word poop came from.

POOP (n.1)
“stern or aftermost deck of a ship,” c. 1400, from Old French poupe “stern of a ship” (14c.), from Old Provençal or Italian poppa, from Latin puppis “poop, stern,” a word of uncertain origin. Also “a deck above the ordinary deck on the aftermost part of a ship.” As a verb, “to break heavily over the stern of a ship” (of waves, etc.). Poop deck is attested by 1779.

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Meanwhile the legal battle and blame game is going on away from the scene of the grounding:

Bug, you know that will go on for possibly decades. Most important is to get that piece of shit outta there.

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