Geomagnetic Storm

Anyone else had DGPS disruptions while on DP during the recent geomagnetic storm?

Which part of the world?

Basia do Campos, Brazil. That is why I was asking been this far south.

I cant remember where but one area you are in has problems every afternoon.
Do you check space weather?

We got some emails from Fugro, but no I did not check that day for Space Wx.

There has been some news about a solar flare

Yes. We lost all corrections yesterday morning (14 May) for about 10 minutes. I’m assuming that’s what you’re talking about?

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Yes, besides that also DGPS 2 screen had a pop up of communications issues. However DGPS 1 was running solid.

9205 GNSS and the subscription is with Fugro.

INS works to help the boats that work in those areas where its common

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