Future of ships


Then the building contract for Yara Birkeland has finally been signed, with scheduled delivery in 2020 and fully operational in autonomous mode by 2022:


Rolls-Royce Marine has developed and patented their own battery system for ships:
Hopefully this will stay with the company when it change hands in a few months time.


A popular subject has been cyber security for ships. Here is one more article on the subject:
One good thing is that when ships gets autonomous there will be no crew to accidentally spread bugs by careless use of USB sticks.


A vendor-written article that (surprise!) fails to mention supply chain attacks, the professional’s method of choice.




IMO should force the use of embedded systems for a start so a reboot puts them back to factory where possible.


More from Sperry Marine on the subject of navigation equipment, security and future development:


Well, their heart seems to be in the right place. Time will tell whether their minds and wallets follow.




The Norwegian Navy is testing autonomous boats with the intention of developing an autonomous mine clearing system:

When things don’t work it is good for the learning process, apparently. (You learn from your computer’s mistakes)


The vulnerability of digitisation and/or autonomous ships to hacking has been emphasised several times here on the forum.
Here is an article about the same danger in the offshore oil and gas industry:


More parties join the effort with RRM:


Thomas Wilhelmsen is not afraid of thinking new, nor to implement new technology for his shipping conglomerate:
With link to Maritime CEO magazine for subscribers to Splash.


Norwegian Maritime Unions join the Shipowners and government to determine the skill sets required by the seafarers of the future:


The Russians also want to be part of the development of autonomous ships:


Are insurers behind the curve when it comes to cyber security in the maritime sphere??:






The worries about cyber security is over thanks to a bill signed by President Trump:

It is yuge, tremendously unbelievable. Only he could do it because nobody knew it was a problem before he said so.


Follow the money. Oh, there isn’t any? Sorry about that.



Technology is ahead of legislation by far:


Testing of RRM’s Intelligent Awareness System (IAS) has been carried out on a MOL ferry in the densely trafficked Inland Sea in Japan:


Don’t blame me, blame the Underwriters for the development of unmanned ships: