Future of ships


Ooops, went a little fast there. Now corrected.


I have spent over 20 years on ferries and we had mechanical failures
quite often. At times that I was on ships there were always people
there taking care of small or large failures. Many unforeseen events do
take place, nothing is perfect. How many days or crossings have you
been on where everything was perfect and there were no mechanical or
electronic incidents that require human intervention?


I repeat again: It is not intended to take a traditional ferry, or a ship intended for manned voyages and send it across the ocean. Autonomous ships will be designed built and equipped differently, with lots of redundant systems and minus all the things that is there to keep the crew alive and reasonably comfortable.

It is not a given that propulsion will be by a diesel engine, or electric propulsion driven by diesel generators. If you read the many articles quoted in this thread you will have a good idea of what is likely to be the Future Ships and it looks very little like what you see today.

PS> I don’t think you’ll see ferries and ships carrying passengers being totally without crew, but they may still be technically autonomous, or remote controlled. Cruise ships may have an actor playing the role of Captain for the benefit of the passengers. Somebody have to host the Captain’s Dinner.


Bwahahahahahahahaha!! So when the ship pulls a “Schettino” does he get in the first lifeboat holding his SAG card and start calling his agent??


In the 40 days before the homebuilt boat failed to communicate (and every 40 days since), around 96000 airliners crossed the Atlantic, most of them without a human hand touching much of anything other than the radio.

I suggest that those airliners are far more complex than the homebuilt boat and incorporate redundancies undreamed of by the kids who built it. Systems on those autonomous ships will more closely resemble airliners than cheaply built ferries operated by semi-skilled labor.


Ahh, but those airliners do have a Captain on board them should the autonomous systems fail.

Ummmm… I’m just going to say “wanna bet?” on this one… Especially if US shipyards in the bayou get involved somehow…


How does the EU see the Future of Autonomous shpis and shipping??
Here is how: https://theloadstar.co.uk/eu-unveils-vision-new-autonomous-era-shipping-history/


Model testing of the Yara Birkeland is under way and a building contract will be signed later this year: http://www.smp.no/naeringsliv/2017/09/28/Her-testar-dei-verdas-første-sjølvstyrte-skip-designa-på-Sunnmøre-15372678.ece


Money to help the project along is forthcoming from the Norwegian Government: http://splash247.com/norwegian-government-chips-17m-help-build-worlds-first-autonomous-boxship/


Its built like that because you are there, if the design criteria was to last x miles/days without humans it would be designed different.


Let’s hope we never see a “Mister Gary’s Flying Machine Company” enter the airliner building market.


Not future but present development. Battery banks to be installed on existing PSVs to save fuel and reduce emission: http://www.motorship.com/news101/engines-and-propulsion/battery-storage-systems-promise-offshore-energy-savings


Large battery banks you say???



Maybe yours are bigger???


Just like a cop. Where’s the battery expert when you need him most.


ABB did 2 new ones a few years ago with 3.5mw battery
holy crap, must have worked in more are doing it.

Certainly a bonus for DP vessels.
I know some new DP semi’s are on the drawing board with them


Statoil demands it for their latest round of long term charters: http://maritime-executive.com/article/statoil-seven-supply-vessels-will-get-hybrid-power


battery and LPG will certainly clean things up
( as soon as they explain what they do with an old battery)


There appears to be several companies that handle recycling of batteries in Norway and beyond: https://www.environmental-expert.com/services/keyword-battery-recycling-lithium-ion-49584/available-in-norway?redirectedToServing=1
Lots of valuable material to be salvaged and reused apparently.


Scholarly report on the advantages of hybrid electric power on offshore vessels and ferries etc.: