Former MARAD Chief, Sean Connaughton, To Become ABS Lobbyist

                     [B][I]Former U.S. Maritime Administrator To Join Class Society  
        [/I]              Connaughton To Join ABS [/B]
                         February 12, 2009             (Houston, TX) ABS is pleased to announce that Sean T. Connaughton, who served as U.S. Maritime Administrator from 2006 until his resignation with the recent change of Administration in Washington, will join the class society as Corporate Vice President for Government Affairs, effective 17 February.

         In this newly created position, Connaughton will act as the society’s primary liaison with national governments at senior levels, establishing and maintaining close working relationships with the principal executive and legislative bodies that influence maritime policy as it relates to safety and classification issues.

          “Governments are playing an increasingly important role in our activities,” said ABS Chairman and CEO Robert D. Somerville. “Legislative actions can affect the terms of reference under which we operate, as is currently the case with the new EC Directive and Regulation for Recognized Organizations. And governments are also important clients. We provide classification services for naval, military and other specialist government vessels and see promising opportunities to expand these relationships in the future.

          “Having someone with Sean’s intimate knowledge of government operations, diplomatic and legislative skills and experience, and close contacts with the maritime administrations of other nations from his time as the U.S. Maritime Administrator, will greatly strengthen our ability to work with governments as partners and clients,” Somerville added. 
         Connaughton is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy. He has served the U.S. Coast Guard as both a commissioned officer and as a civil servant in the Office of Marine Safety, Security, and Environmental Protection. After gaining a Master’s degree, he joined the American Petroleum Institute, representing companies involved in the energy and marine transportation industries, during which time he also gained a law degree from George Mason University. 

         As a lawyer, in private practice and six years in the transportation practice of Troutman Sanders LLP, he has specialized in maritime and international law and has appeared before the United States Supreme Court. He is a member of the Virginia Bar Association, the District of Columbia Bar Association, and the Maritime Law Association. He is also a graduate of the US Naval War College.


Interesting - how do the new policies that address influence of lobbying activities impact this appointment?

Who is new MARAD going to be?